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Deborah recounts a troubling dream where a budding romance abruptly fizzles as her new love interest vanishes without a trace, spooked by anonymous sexting messages from Deborah’s phone. Left bewildered by the mystery of the sent videos, she grapples with the unsettling question: if Deborah didn’t send them, then who did? | Episode 125 Full […]

Celebrity Prize Dream

Dream Snippet

Nina recounts a harrowing stress dream in which she is involved in a trolley accident. Struggling with the aftermath, she grapples with the challenge of proving her innocence. Will she succeed in demonstrating that the incident was not her fault, or will she be unfairly burdened with blame? | Episode 115 Content Warning: Alcohol Use, […]

Trolley Accident Dream

Dream Snippet

Jenna’s dream submission takes us on a comical journey as she arrives at a surprise party at the wrong hour. In a whimsical attempt to conceal the unexpected celebration, she transforms into a flirtatious singing telegram, adding an amusing twist to the mix-up. | Episode 96 Content Warning: Nudity Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/printer-exorcism-birthday-madlibs/

Singing Telegram Dream

Dream Snippet