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Gregory recounts a harrowing nightmare that plunged him into a surreal realm where the very fabric of reality seemed to warp and twist. In this chilling vision, the world abruptly tilts sideways, causing mountains, trees, and buildings to cling precariously to an inexplicable angle, defying the laws of nature. | Episode 127 Full Episode Link […]

Sideways World Dream

Dream Snippet

Harry recounts a dream where he navigates through diverse settings—a hospital, an airport, and ultimately a quaint bookstore. In the small bookshop, his attention is captivated and infuriated simultaneously by a book on display, creating a curious blend of fascination and frustration within him as he is amused. | Episode 114 Full Episode Link – […]

Space Management Dream

Dream Snippet

In Kelly’s dream, she steps into the shoes of a brilliant scientist, only to be swept into a cosmic adventure when the mysteries of UFOs in our solar system unfold before her through the concealed features of her telescope. Engaging in a thrilling escapade to evade authorities intrigued by her unearthly discoveries, Kelly’s predicament takes […]

Astronomer Dream

Dream Snippet