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Amanda recounts a dream where she unexpectedly finds herself in an arranged marriage with a daughter she doesn’t remember having. Amidst dark times of war, as one husband departs, another emerges to comfort and protect her, even though she finds him unsettling, it is nice to receive unexpected support in challenging circumstances. | Episode 141 […]

Arranged Marriage Dream

Dream Snippet

Mya divulges a recurring dream that plunges her into the heart of a forest, where she races desperately to evade a relentless pursuer, their snarls and snapping teeth echoing through the dense foliage. With each frantic stride, she inches closer to the threshold of escape, until finally reaching the doorway. As she hesitantly glances back, […]

Self Chasing Dream

Dream Snippet

Lala indulges listeners with a tantalizing dream fantasy starring none other than the charismatic Spanish actor, Javier Bardem. In her dream, she’s whisked away into the opulent confines of his sprawling mansion, where she’s greeted by a provocatively attired Javier, setting the stage for a steamy encounter beyond imagination. | Episode 93 Full Episode Link […]

Javier Bardem Towel Dream

Dream Snippet