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Miles delights the audience with a whimsical dream where he finds himself in the arrivals area of an airport, only to spot the renowned runway fashionista, J. Alexander. To his surprise, Miles had anticipated the model to be tall, but in reality, Miss J’s stature exceeded all expectations, towering above with remarkable height. | Episode […]

Celebrity Airport Arrival Dream

Dream Snippet

Tadasay recounts a dream of embarking on a short European vacation, filled with the anticipation of catching a flight. The dream, however, takes a challenging turn as she navigates seemingly endless flights of stairs, leaving her fatigued and, to her dismay, missing not just one but both of her flights. The lingering question remains: will […]

Cat Cargo Dream

Dream Snippet

Harry recounts a dream where he navigates through diverse settings—a hospital, an airport, and ultimately a quaint bookstore. In the small bookshop, his attention is captivated and infuriated simultaneously by a book on display, creating a curious blend of fascination and frustration within him as he is amused. | Episode 114 Full Episode Link – […]

Space Management Dream

Dream Snippet