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Ben shares a dream that profoundly challenges his lifestyle. As a committed vegan, he is shocked to find himself not only preparing but also craving a meat dish. However, this isn’t your typical beef, chicken, or pork. This dish is something far more unsettling, pushing the boundaries of comfort for everyone. | Episode 136 Full […]

Vegan Eating Meat Dream

Dream Snippet

Mya recounts a heartfelt dream in which she is driven to assist a struggling family by offering to buy their dinner. However, as she steps forward to pay, she is taken aback when the cost exceeds her expectations. In a vulnerable moment, a stranger interjects with unsolicited advice, adding an unexpected layer of emotion to […]

Unable to Pay Dream

Dream Snippet

Ryan experienced a dream so amusing that it left him waking up with laughter bubbling from within. In this delightful reverie, he found himself enjoying a splendid evening at a restaurant, seated across from none other than the renowned actor, Harry Shum Jr. As they perused the menu, Ryan’s attention was drawn to an unfamiliar […]

Hypnogely Sleep Laughing Dream

Dream Snippet