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Jenna recounts a sweet dream centered on enjoying candy and the intimate gesture of holding hands. But in this dreamscape, does the choice of whose hand you decide to hold carry deeper, potentially life-altering implications and symbolic meanings? | Episode 99 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/bi-bye-buy-peter-tripp-and-the-dj-wake-a-thon-war-of-1959/

Holding Hands Dream

Dream Snippet

Listen to a compelling and spine-tingling recount from Clarissa, who frequently dreamt of a stark, cold, tiled hospital room over consecutive nights. The twist? Later that very year, in a shocking turn of events, she found herself standing in that identical room, a once distant dream now turned eerily and unmistakably into tangible reality. | […]

NICU Premonition Dream

Dream Snippet