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In an anonymous recollection of a dream, the dreamer vividly recounts an extraordinary concert experience featuring the legendary Elton John and Prince. Amidst the sea of millions of ecstatic fans, our dreamer finds themselves singled out by none other than Prince, who delivers a personal and profound message, sparking a moment of connection that transcends […]

Prince Medley Dream

Dream Snippet

Hattie excitedly shares a dream that captures Mindy’s heart – a delightful reverie where Taylor Swift takes center stage, marrying a devoted lifelong Swiftie right there on stage. The dream’s whimsical blend of celebrity magic and personal joy makes it an enchanting tale that resonates with Mindy’s admiration for both Taylor Swift and the power […]

Taylor Swift Wedding Dream

Dream Snippet

While in high school Veronica would have a recurring dream about having “relations” with her friend’s dad, even though finding him unattractive. In her dream the spontaneous romps would happen at the most peculiar time including after a car accident, as well as after a fall from stage. | Episode 98 Content Warning: Sexual Content, […]

Taboo Dream

Dream Snippet