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Sarah recounts a poignant tale from her time living near the USS Arizona wreckage and memorial in Hawaii. In her recurring dreams, she’s pulled underwater by an unseen force, struggling for breath each time. The haunting imagery leaves her pondering the depths of her subconscious and hauntings of the past. | Episode 134 Full Episode […]

USS Arizona Dream

Dream Snippet

In Megan’s haunting dream, she’s pursued relentlessly by Hellhounds, their fiery breath hot on her heels. As she flees, she finds herself cornered, her swim coach dressed ominously in black, waiting at the banks of a fiery river. With a sinking heart, she realizes her baptism in flames is imminent, trapped in a nightmare of […]

Fire Baptism Dream

Dream Snippet

Morgan shares a dream that begins as a fun birthday celebration with cake. However, when the cake is cut, a horrific, bloody scene unfolds, engulfing the party in chaos and screams. What started as a joyous occasion quickly turns into a nightmare. | Episode 134 Content Warning: Gore Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/long-clown-johnny-sexsomina-parasomnia/

Blood Tears Dream

Dream Snippet

Greg recounts a vivid dream in which a menacing Komodo dragon stalks and attacks his closest friends and family. This fearsome reptile seems to have a sinister plan to overthrow human civilization as we know it. The question is will it succeed? | Episode 134 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/long-clown-johnny-sexsomina-parasomnia/

Komodo Dragon Dream

Dream Snippet

In her dream, Francine unveils a ritual promising to unveil one’s soulmate across the globe. By adhering to precise instructions, seekers can connect with their destined partner. Her revelation sparks intrigue, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the realm where fate intertwines with serendipity to unite kindred spirits. | Episode 133 Full Episode Link – http://remelations.com/dusta-busta-rhymes-exploring-personality-tests

Midnight Soulmates Dream

Dream Snippet

Jason’s evening takes an unexpected turn as he embarks on a surreal journey through the depths of his subconscious. What begins as a tranquil dinner outing with his father swiftly transmutes into a harrowing spectacle, with the sky raining down meteorites. Amidst the chaos, Jason finds himself separated from his father, forced to seek refuge […]

Dust People Armageddon Dream

Dream Snippet

This week, the podcast takes a delightful detour into the dream world of host Mindy, who recounts a whimsical scenario where she and her co-host and confidante, Brooke, find themselves in a frantic race against the clock to attend their very own Oscars ceremony for the “Best Podcast”. Adding to the dream’s charm, Will Ferrell […]

Podcast Oscar Dream

Dream Snippet

Leo bares his soul on the podcast, recounting a mortifying dream where he’s stark naked in a bustling hotel lobby, of all places, and to his horror, he bumps into an old friend. Desperate to salvage what’s left of his dignity, Leo attempts a bold maneuver to escape the embarrassment, only to inadvertently amplify the […]

Naked Heart Attack Dream

Cat Nap

In an anonymous recollection of a dream, the dreamer vividly recounts an extraordinary concert experience featuring the legendary Elton John and Prince. Amidst the sea of millions of ecstatic fans, our dreamer finds themselves singled out by none other than Prince, who delivers a personal and profound message, sparking a moment of connection that transcends […]

Prince Medley Dream

Dream Snippet

Steve excitedly unveils in his dream his latest brainchild—a whimsical invention designed to captivate Renaissance fair attendees with its charm and ingenuity. Confident in its potential to enchant, he envisions a creation that will weave magic into the fabric of the fair, leaving visitors spellbound and eager to experience its wonder firsthand. | Episode 131 […]

New Product Dream

Dream Snippet

Katelyn, a first-time sharer, recounts a vivid dream where she stumbles upon illicit substances in a bustling nightclub, triggering a frantic escape from pursuing law enforcement officers by skillfully maneuvering through the chaos on grocery carts. Her adrenaline-fueled adventure takes an unexpected turn when she suddenly becomes an heiress, only to find herself ensnared as […]

Cop Raid Dream

Dream Snippet

In a submitted dream, the dreamer candidly expresses their dissatisfaction with their penis size. However, upon learning of a groundbreaking transplant procedure, their interest in enhancement is piqued. With Tobey McGuire’s unexpected generosity, providing the means for the costly procedure, the dreamer embarks on a journey toward self-improvement, transforming what was once disappointment into hopeful […]

Toby McGuire Organ Donation Dream

Dream Snippet