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Dave animatedly recounts a dream where his wife bursts into uncontrollable laughter, all thanks to his nocturnal chatter. As the dream unfolds, it becomes clear that Dave has set some whimsical boundaries in their household, humorously drawing the line at pets that range from elephants to cats. | Episode 117 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/a-nailzilian-wax-cuddle-sanctuaries-for-coping-with-nightmares/

Elephant Cat Dream

Dream Snippet

Nicole sends an email to the podcast, regaling us with the comical tales of her late-night gab sessions with her sleep-talking boyfriend. In this nocturnal world of whimsy, the conversations range from the surreal—like cutting down imaginary trees—to the downright amusing, with responses to phantom feline phone calls. It leaves us charmed and entertained by […]

Cut Down Trees Sleep Talking Story

Dream Snippet

An anonymous email to the show unveils a taboo dream story. During a night at a friend’s house, the dreamer experiences a romantic dream involving her friend’s dad in the intimate setting of the home kitchen. The following morning, when questioned about her sleep-talking dialogue, the dreamer, overwhelmed with embarrassment, opts to keep the details […]

Sleepover Dad Dream

Dream Snippet