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MaryLyn shares a captivating dream experience with the podcast, involving a unique shared dream among herself, her mother, and her oldest child. In this dream, a colossal elephant becomes an unexpected pursuer as they navigate the confines of a house. Each desperately attempts to escape, racing up a winding staircase. However, the dream takes a […]

Shared Elephant Chase Dream

Dream Snippet

Tyra shares a riveting tale on the podcast, delving into a childhood dream that stands out for its extraordinary shared nature. Tyra’s dream with her being kidnapped. While that exact same night her mother, from a parallel vantage point, realizes her daughter has been kidnapped. She desperately searches to reunite with her missing daughter. The […]

Shared Desert Cave Dream

Dream Snippet

Arham drifts into a dream, finding himself amidst the enchanting whispers of a serene forest. Unexpectedly, he encounters an acquaintance he’s secretly admired from afar. The air between them crackles with an undeniable energy. However, the dream’s mysteries deepen when he awakens to discover that she, too, dreamt the very same encounter. Could this shared […]

Romance in the Woods

Dream Snippet