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“When you go to a professional sporting event you want that good salad, that stadium salad.” Episode 18 | This week’s crazy dream is one Mindy recently had about baseball parks, secret passageways, and salad.   Also, our fan-favorite cat naps segment is back where we read quick dreams and listeners’ stories about sharks, nasty craft […]

Field of Greens

March 3, 2022

Baseball, Blue, Childhood Neighborhood, Dog, Gold, Painting, Passageway, Red, Salad, Stadium, Torch

“Those are the three things you need – a good bean dip, tequila, and a pinata. That’s a perfect party!” Episode 17 | This week our two listeners’ dreams are incredibly fun as we dive into sci-fi and the paranormal.  First, we hear Tracey’s dream about squirrel brains and bean dip.  We also hear from […]

Snacky Snack

February 25, 2022

Amusement Park, Basement, Bean Dip, Brain, Car, Dog, Friend's House, Ghost, Parent, Porch, Red, Snack, Squirrel, Triscut, Witch

“You don’t want to take that kind of risk with a 2.7 fruit roll-up, that doesn’t seem enough.” Episode 15 This episode is brought to you from the mind of Mindy who shares an emotional roller coaster of a dream at an amusement park. Mindy & Brooke also debut a new segment called cat naps […]

Miracle on Rails

February 10, 2022

Amusement Park, Bouncy Ball, Coat, Dog, Feet, Fruit Roll-up, Grey, Queue, Red, Roller Coaster, Shoe, Tank

“You get a handwritten receipt… you get a handwritten receipt… You? You’re gonna be executed.”  This episode is brought to you from the minds of Julia from South Jersey and Amanda from Salt Lake City. This week, Mindy Brooke dive into Julia’s dream about crashing a foreign countries economy and Samantha who lived in a […]

Soul Bonding With Dogs

December 3, 2021

2, Amusement Park, ATM, Dog, Foreign Country, Note, Peach, Red, Sandwhich, Shopping Center, Stadium