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Charlie is recounting a hilarious dream on the podcast where he found himself in an imaginary spat with his wife. However, things took a whimsical turn when, in an act of revenge, she gave him a Civil War-era beard trim and bestowed upon him a ridiculously catchy new Facebook screen name. | Episode 121 Full […]

Spousal Argument Dream

Dream Snippet

In a delightful dream, David awakens to a room teeming with vibrant cockatiel birds. The kaleidoscope of colors envelops him, infusing his heart with unparalleled joy and happiness. Overwhelmed by the surreal beauty, he can’t help but contemplate capturing the moment for posterity. Eager to share this whimsical experience, David is determined to document the […]

Cockatiels Dream

Dream Snippet

Gina narrates an amusing dream in which she’s on the hunt for a suitable nanny for her parents. Unexpectedly, the applicant seems more keen on practicing naked yoga than caregiving. Certainly, that’s a version of “downward dog” her parents would prefer to avoid. | Episode 95 Content Warning: Nudity, Sexual Content Full Episode Link – […]

Naked Nanny Yoga

Dream Snippet