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Alan shares a chilling anecdote via email, attesting to the cosmic force of karma. In his dream, he attempts a burglary, only to be met with a macabre twist: the stolen valuables are infested with unsettling insects. His unsettling revelation serves as a cautionary tale, echoing the age-old adage of retribution. | Episode 133 Content […]

Maggot Weed Dream

Dream Snippet

An anonymous dream submission unveils a heartwarming tale of a handmade gift, none other than a stunning hand-knitted dress crafted by the unexpectedly talented Channing Tatum, the epitome of a Hollywood heartthrob. Despite his status, Channing exudes endearing nervousness as he presents his creation. | Episode 132 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/beige-tribecca-dream-house-apartment/

Knitted Channing Tatum Dream 

Dream Snippet

Katelyn, a first-time sharer, recounts a vivid dream where she stumbles upon illicit substances in a bustling nightclub, triggering a frantic escape from pursuing law enforcement officers by skillfully maneuvering through the chaos on grocery carts. Her adrenaline-fueled adventure takes an unexpected turn when she suddenly becomes an heiress, only to find herself ensnared as […]

Cop Raid Dream

Dream Snippet