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Recently, Jessica has given hints that she might be harboring new, unexpected feelings. In her sleep, she dreams of an acquaintance in a distinctively different, more intimate light. In this dream, he’s not just a familiar face; he’s playfully flirting with her by the computer, their fingers brushing as they type, making her rethink their […]

Secret Crush Dream

Dream Snippet

Heather enthusiastically shares a delightful dream with us, painting a whimsical world that feels straight out of a fairy tale. This vibrant realm is filled with cotton candy mustaches, graceful rainbow wearing unicorns, playful games of hide and seek behind candy-colored trees, and spirited, lighthearted tickle battles which leaves everyone smiling. | Episode 97 Full […]

Candyland Dream

Dream Snippet

In a serene dream, Caroline finds herself gracefully swimming amidst the vast expanse of the ocean. Here, she encounters a peculiar sea creature with an almost human touch, introducing himself as Manfish. Their brief yet magical interaction leaves a lasting impression before they gracefully part ways, each continuing their own oceanic journey. | Episode 93 […]

Handsome Manfish Dream

Dream Snippet