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“What kind of leash would it take to contain a black bear?” Episode 25 | Buckle up!  This week’s listener dreams have Brooke and Mindy cracking up!  Brooke share’s Phil’s dram about a unique soup cult, while Mindy chats about Amber’s dream regarding beer and unique pets. The duo also has fun chatting about the […]

Baby Dog Bear

April 21, 2022

8, Bear, Beer, Counseling, Cult, Doctor, Door, Gift Shop, Gynecologist, Hidden Lair, Leash, Resort, Rules, Soup, Spices, Spiritual Leader, Stab, Tent, Turkey, Wedding Dress

“Unless a spitting cobra spits directly in your mouth, there are no poisonous snakes!” Episode 4 | This episode is brought to you from the minds of Indi from Iowa and Kelly from Dubuque.  This week, Mindy and Brooke dive into Indi’s dream about snakes, drinking blood, and diarrhea and Kelly’s dream about pineapple fanny packs and […]

Fanny Pack Shandys

November 25, 2021

Bachelorette Party, Baggage Claim, Beer, Bike, Bite, Black Hole, Blood, Booze, Children, Diarrhea, Drug Store, Fanny Pack, Luggage, Pineapple, Saliva, Shandy, Ski Lift, Snake, Spiral, Vaccine, Venomous, Wedding Dress