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Mary Kate divulges a recurring nightmare to the show, wherein the joyous culmination of her wedding day is relentlessly thwarted. Instead of gracefully walking down the aisle to say “I do,” she finds herself trapped in a surreal loop, endlessly maneuvering cars in her pristine wedding gown. Each attempt to reach her destination is met […]

Wedding Day Accident Dream

Dream Snippet

Elizabeth unveils a disconcerting pregnancy dream to the podcast audience. In this surreal scenario, she finds herself in the hushed confines of a church rectory, observing a baby exorcism. As the unsettling ritual unfolds, she is suddenly led upstairs where a foreboding message about her epidural awaits, casting a shadow of apprehension over her pregnancy […]

Rectory Baby Exorcism Dream

Dream Snippet

In a confessional moment on the show, an anonymous dreamer unveils a narrative of passionate connection with the devil himself. In the dream the dreamer finds the enigmatic figure of darkness, alluring in him charismatic and seductive presence. The storyline takes an intense turn when the devil seizes the opportunity to intertwine their destinies, expressing […]

Antichrist Pregnancy Dream

Dream Snippet