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In an anonymous dream, the dreamer finds themselves in a vibrant and vivid world, but with a peculiar twist: their gender has been reversed. As they navigate their altered form, they encounter a couple who seem poised to assist in the intriguing and potentially sensual circumstances. | Episode130 Content Warning: Sexually Explicit Full Episode Link […]

Threesome Dream

Dream Snippet

In Leng’s unsettling dream, he comes face to face with a deceased Buddhist monk who has transformed into a menacing zombie. Fleeing from the undead horror, Leng and his companions hastily seek sanctuary within the walls of a nearby temple. Their hope is to wait out the encroaching malevolence, sheltered from its grasp. | Episode […]

Zombie Monk Dream

Dream Snippet

Carmen submits a charmingly succinct dream tale to the show, revealing a recurring phenomenon where every time he enters the realm of dreams, he finds himself inhabiting the opposite gender. In this brief but intriguing revelation, Carmen opens a window into a world of fluidity and transformation, where identity transcends the boundaries of waking reality. […]

Opposite Gender Dream

Dream Snippet