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Kevin’s mind replays a chilling vision: a dream where he finds himself ensnared in a sinister government-run reality show. Each moment feels like a brush with death as contestants are ruthlessly culled through twisted games, leaving Kevin scrambling for survival amidst the chaos. His only goal: outlast the brutality long enough to claw his way […]

Government Game Dream

Dream Snippet

In G’s vivid dream, they find themselves summoned to investigate an enigmatic grandmother gone rogue. In the twilight of her life, just before her untimely demise, she imparts a grave warning to G. Now faced with an ominous pursuit, G must navigate the shadows of the woods and elude the relentless force chasing them. | […]

Exploding Grandma Dream

Dream Snippet

Lisa’s night of fantasy begins with a dream she submitted, in which she finds herself at an extravagant party hosted by a renowned actor. Amidst the bustling crowd, her gaze locks onto a young Robin Williams, who becomes captivated by the allure of her flowing, long hair. As the evening unfolds, innocent hair-stroking soon ignites […]

 Sexy Time With Mork Dream

Dream Snippet