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Ashley recalls a stressful dream scenario where her roof suddenly becomes engulfed in flames. In a panic, she rushes outside to find her boyfriend making a feeble attempt to extinguish the fire. To her dismay, no one, not even her family members, seems to show concern about the raging blaze. Amidst the chaos, Ashley’s primary […]

Roof on Fire Dream

Dream Snippet

Greg shares a vividly unpleasant dream that leaves everyone feeling queasy. In the dream, he is struggling to change the dirty diapers of newborn twins—a challenging task on its own. But to make matters worse, the scene is complicated by doggie doo-doo scattered everywhere. The overwhelming combination of smells and messes triggers a strong urge […]

Doo Doo Dream

Dream Snippet

Caroline unravels a whimsical dream featuring her beloved furry companion, her loyal canine companion taking center stage. In a bid to evade the dreaded task of homework, she playfully attempts to enlist her dog’s help by coaxing him into devouring her textbook. However, much to Caroline’s surprise, her canine confidant showcases an unexpected reverence for […]

Dog Ate My Homework Dream

Dream Snippet

Elena unveils a dream to Mindy and Brooke, a narrative that begins innocently with a mere fender bender. However, as the dream unfolds and the victim’s deceit is revealed, it leaves the trio grappling with more questions than answers. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of a small, mysterious […]

Morphing Dog Dream

Dream Snippet

A mysterious dream submission graces our podcast, painting a vivid picture of a pixelated Pokémon character that captivates our imagination with its charm and whimsy. Yet, as the dream transitions, we find ourselves transported to the familiar warmth of grandma’s house. However, amidst the cozy nostalgia, a hint of concern arises as grandma’s traditional methods […]

Tamagotchi Dream

Dream Snippet

Darren shares an intriguing dream on the podcast, recounting a family road trip accompanied by his cherished schnauzer dog. As they make a detour to explore a flea market, the ordinary journey takes a peculiar turn, and his furry companion undergoes a startling transformation, assuming a completely unexpected form. | Episode 122 Full Episode Link […]

Furry Dog Bowl Dream

Dream Snippet

Maggie unfolds a delightful and uplifting dream on the show. Despite finding herself in an unfamiliar setting, she discovers she’s not alone. Alongside her is a charming new companion: a precious pug puppy named Butterbean. The dream fills her with an abundance of happiness, joy, and warm cuddles. | Episode 122 Full Episode Link – […]

Pet Cuddles Dream

Dream Snippet

Gloria recounts a shared dream to her captivated audience, vividly describing a tranquil afternoon spent with her mother, shattered by the abrupt arrival of an unwelcome visitor at their doorstep. Rather than succumbing to fear and fleeing, Gloria finds herself inexplicably drawn to this mysterious intruder. However, looming over her fascination is the ominous question: […]

Split-Level House Dream

Dream Snippet

Max injects a burst of wild imagination into the podcast as he recounts a dream that begins innocently enough with a typical school day accompanied by his cherished canine companion. However, the narrative swiftly veers into the realm of the fantastical, where chaos reigns supreme with the unexpected arrival of werewolves prowling the corridors and […]

Go-Kart Vampire Dream

Dream Snippet

Hattie excitedly shares a dream that captures Mindy’s heart – a delightful reverie where Taylor Swift takes center stage, marrying a devoted lifelong Swiftie right there on stage. The dream’s whimsical blend of celebrity magic and personal joy makes it an enchanting tale that resonates with Mindy’s admiration for both Taylor Swift and the power […]

Taylor Swift Wedding Dream

Dream Snippet

Attention, Harry Potter enthusiasts! Genevieve unfolds a whimsical dream featuring the iconic duo, Hagrid and his loyal dog Fang. In this enchanting reverie, they deliver a personalized letter to Genevieve, announcing their annual visit to her school for a month dedicated to studying Muggles. Overjoyed by the magical prospect, Genevieve extends a friendly invitation for […]

Hagrid Returns to High School Dream


Belinda recounts a vivid pregnancy dream to the podcast listeners. Upon welcoming her eagerly anticipated bundle of joy, she’s taken aback to discover her baby might lean more towards the dill end of the spectrum than sweet. Yet, with unconditional love, Belinda embraces her one-of-a-kind infant, eagerly anticipating their daily strolls together. | Episode 103 […]

Pickle Baby Dream

Dream Snippet