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Gretchen unveils a haunting dream. In the eerie solitude of a dimly lit office, she finds herself alone, the sole illumination emanating from a mesmerizing fish tank. Yet, as she peers closer, she discovers a mysterious figure – a humanoid fish, its presence both captivating and unsettling. Through the murky depths, this enigmatic creature imparts […]

Fish Teeth Dream

Dream Snippet

Shannon unfolds a recent dream that transports her into the depths of beautiful waters, where she encounters a remarkable creature: a giant eel with an unexpected twist. This extraordinary eel adopts human-like attributes and a clever, conversational tone, engaging anyone willing to listen. While captivated by the surreal encounter, Shannon can’t help but feel a […]

Talking Eel Dream

Dream Snippet

Janice unveils a compelling pregnancy dream on the podcast, vividly describing a scenario where she’s engrossed in cleaning her house when an enormous bee intrudes upon her home. Instinctively, she grabs a nearby broom to gently shoo it away. However, a disconcerting twist emerges as the insect reveals a human-like quality. In a moment fraught […]

Human Bee Dream

Dream Snippet