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Dean divulges a surreal dream to the podcast, recounting a bizarre moment when, parched and reaching for relief, he grabs a peculiarly labeled water bottle. To his astonishment, as he twists the cap, the label sharpens into focus, revealing an unexpected clarity, while simultaneously, the sensation of unhatched eggs lingering in his mouth intensifies, leaving […]

Bad Water Dream

Dream Snippet

Masie vividly recounts a recent dream, where a chilling vision unfolds before her eyes: the devil himself prowling the streets of her town, imposing his malevolent presence with a disturbing nonchalance. In a surreal twist, she observes the sinister figure seamlessly blending his nefarious deeds with the mundane routine of a morning jog, showcasing a […]

Jogging Bully Devil Dream

Dream Snippet

In Lauren’s delightful dream submission, she luxuriates in a chair, savoring a moment of relaxation, when an enchanting spectacle unfolds before her. A small bird undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, gradually growing to human size. The true magic, however, lies in the unexpected joy that follows – a heartwarming surprise as her newfound feathered friend embraces […]

Poultry Hug Dream

Dream Snippet