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Heather reminisces about a dream to the podcast, where she discovers solace and warmth cradled in the embrace of a mysterious woman. The dream infuses her heart with love and happiness, only to unravel into the bittersweet truth upon awakening, as she comes to the realization that the profound connection existed solely within the realm […]

Warm Touch Dream

Dream Snippet

Abigail recounts a vivid dream of an ethereal night-time rainbow, a mesmerizing spectacle that weaves unpredictable patterns across the starlit sky. Amidst its shimmering arcs, and golden coins glitter, promising mysteries untold. | Episode 99 CW: Brief Mention of Sexual Assault and Death Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/bi-bye-buy-peter-tripp-and-the-dj-wake-a-thon-war-of-1959/

Nighttime Rainbow Dream

Dream Snippet