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In an anonymous dream shared on the podcast, the dreamer finds themselves in an intimate encounter with the humorous personality, Pete Davidson. However, their excitement quickly wanes as they realize Pete’s selfish tendencies in bed, leaving the dreamer feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied. | Episode130 Content Warning: Sexually Explicit Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/mid-chubbed-up-sex-dreams/

Pete Davidson Sex Dream

Dream Snippet

Kevin shares an intriguing dream on the show, envisioning a scenario where extraterrestrial beings attempt to conquer the world. In a twist on conventional warfare, military forces rise to defend the planet. However, rather than engaging in a traditional shootout, Perhaps there is a more unconventional approach: advocating for love over conflict, proposing that perhaps […]

Alien Lovemaking Dream

Dream Snippet

An anonymous submission to the podcast recounts a uniquely unpleasant dream. In this bizarre scenario, the dreamer is engaged in a passionate make-out session when an urgent need for a bathroom surfaces. Regrettably, it’s too late, leaving the dreamer in an embarrassing and damp predicament, while their partner hastily tries to leave. | Episode 90 […]

Urination Dream

Dream Snippet