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Vanessa recounts a humorous dream where she stumbles upon an outrageously large carrot. Amused by the absurdity, she decides to capture the moment with a photo, only to have her evidence swiped by her own flesh and blood, leaving her with no proof of her extraordinary discovery. | Episode 115 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/its-the-crunch-of-the-carrot-nightmares-and-brainspotting/

Giant Carrot Dream

Dream Snippet

In a vivid and striking dream, Tiffany vividly recalls her ex-husband nonchalantly dropping off a towering pile of his impulsive buys right at her front door. As she curiously sifts through the unexpected, chaotic clutter, she gradually uncovers several invaluable treasures and hidden gems amidst the overwhelming mess. | Episode 100 Full Episode Link – […]

Truckloads of Junk Dream

Dream Snippet

In a vivid dream, Izzy envisions her distinctively bred kittens capturing the attention of cat aficionado Taylor Swift. Despite their unconventional number of eyes, these kittens become a must-have for Taylor. Undeterred by the price, Taylor is wholeheartedly ready to ensure one of these unique felines finds its way to her home. | Episode 100 […]

Taylor Swift Rare Cat Dream

Dream Snippet