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Mary enchantingly recounts a dream on the podcast, transporting listeners to a whimsical Christmas wonderland in a charming small town. In this delightful dream, the town’s primary mode of transportation isn’t cars or sleighs but the endearing and festive town Christmas moose. These friendly moose joyfully ferry citizens home from their Christmas parties, spreading holiday […]

Christmas Delivery Moose Dream

Dream Snippet

Craig describes a series of little dreams where he engages in brawls, befriends television celebrities, adopts exotic pets, and assumes the role of a superhero—though often forgetting how to harness his powers. | Episode 97 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/e97-the-rocks-mustache-time-skips-time-slips-and-time-travel/

Tag Team Adventure with ‘The Rock’ Dream

Dream Snippet