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Ruby recounted her harrowing nightmare, vividly describing the bone-chilling moment she found herself in a surreal encounter. In her dream, she was confronted by a haunting figure: a ghastly, eyeless being with pallid, grey skin. As if drawn by an unseen force, this ominous entity advanced towards her, its presence looming ever closer, sending shivers […]

Eyeless Face Dream

Dream Snippet

Shannon unfolds a recent dream that transports her into the depths of beautiful waters, where she encounters a remarkable creature: a giant eel with an unexpected twist. This extraordinary eel adopts human-like attributes and a clever, conversational tone, engaging anyone willing to listen. While captivated by the surreal encounter, Shannon can’t help but feel a […]

Talking Eel Dream

Dream Snippet

Tessa unveils a eerie sleep experience from her recent work-related travels. As she awakens in an unfamiliar room, an unsettling sensation creeps over her. The eerie unease intensifies when an elderly, ghostly woman slowly inches closer, sending shivers down her spine. It’s safe to say that the hotel in Tessa’s dream won’t be on our […]

Gray Woman Dream

Dream Snippet