Episodes & ShowNotes

Teresa graciously shares a dream on the podcast that encapsulates every child’s heartfelt wish: the enchanting sight of Santa Claus atop the roof on Christmas Eve. In her dream, Teresa experiences the joyous culmination of every whimsical feeling she had ever envisioned. The moment unfolds with the magic she had always imagined, as Santa gracefully […]

Christmas Night Dream

Dream Snippet

In a delightful dream, David awakens to a room teeming with vibrant cockatiel birds. The kaleidoscope of colors envelops him, infusing his heart with unparalleled joy and happiness. Overwhelmed by the surreal beauty, he can’t help but contemplate capturing the moment for posterity. Eager to share this whimsical experience, David is determined to document the […]

Cockatiels Dream

Dream Snippet

Jodi shares a recurring dream that’s recently captivated her nights. She’s transported to an eagerly awaited beach day, complete with a vibrant beach ball. Amidst the simple joys of playing, a sudden gust of wind sweeps the ball into the sky, vanishing from sight. This turn of events leaves Jodi weighed down by profound sadness […]

Windy Beach Dream

Dream Snippet