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Juan vividly remembers a peculiar dream where he attempts to settle into bed for a peaceful night’s sleep, only to discover an unexpected visitor— a chicken. But this is no ordinary fowl; it’s a chicken with a vengeance, possessing a peculiar trait: it has the potential to explode if provoked. As Juan grapples with the […]

Chicken Bomb Dream

Dream Snippet

In G’s vivid dream, they find themselves summoned to investigate an enigmatic grandmother gone rogue. In the twilight of her life, just before her untimely demise, she imparts a grave warning to G. Now faced with an ominous pursuit, G must navigate the shadows of the woods and elude the relentless force chasing them. | […]

Exploding Grandma Dream

Dream Snippet

Glenn recounts an epic dream where he valiantly defends the last can of Coke Zero. Facing adversaries like zombies, colossal hands, and mysterious teleportation from the void, only time will reveal if he’s up to the challenge.| Episode 96 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/printer-exorcism-birthday-madlibs/

The Battle of Coke Zero Dream

Dream Snippet