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Sonia fondly recounts a cherished childhood dream that dances through her memories like an old friend. In this whimsical reverie, she finds herself embarking on an enchanting Easter journey where a gift from the elusive Easter Bunny unveils a wondrous, magical power. Though the dream takes a somber twist, casting her into perilous moments, Sonia’s […]

Magic Socks Dream

Dream Snippet

Conner vividly recalls a childhood nightmare so harrowing that its echoes have lingered throughout his life. In this nightmarish realm, he found himself in a damp, eerie location, bearing witness to a horrific and heart-wrenching act of genocide. Powerless as a child within this dream, he could only watch the gruesome scene unfold. The haunting […]

Killing Cages Dream

Dream Snippet

An anonymous dream unfolds with the dreamer immersed in a serene bathtub setting, relishing the tranquility. Amidst the water splashes and playful interactions with childhood toys, the scene takes an unexpectedly steamy turn — and we’re not just talking about the rise in bathroom temperature. | Episode 90 Content Warning: Adult Content, Sexual Acts, Explicit Language […]

Not So Little Toy Soldier Dream

Dream Snippet