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Chase recounts a harrowing dream where his real-life struggle to breathe seamlessly intertwines with his REM cycle. In the dream, he undergoes surgery on his nose to alleviate his breathing difficulties, only to awaken from anesthesia to a horrifying realization—the doctor has committed a grave error, leaving Chase to grapple with the consequences of an […]

Penis Surgery Dream

Dream Snippet

Sebastian shares a captivating dream on the podcast, a dream that initially unfolds as a perfect beach day with his beloved dad and brothers. Yet, as dreams often do, the scenario takes an unexpected turn, transforming the tranquil seaside setting into an impromptu surgical unit. Despite the unforeseen twist, they seize the opportunity to make […]

Phalloplasty Dream

Dream Snippet

Devon recounts a particularly vivid dream in which he shockingly discovers he’s missing a finger. Despite the startling nature of the situation, he remains surprisingly unfazed and continues his dream journey with a calm demeanor. | Episode 97 CW: Gore Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/e97-the-rocks-mustache-time-skips-time-slips-and-time-travel/

Missing Digits Dream

Dream Snippet