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Scott shares a rage-filled dream where he finds himself precariously strapped into an amusement park ride. The mocking snickers of the ride operator trigger a surge of fury in Scott, fueling a burning desire for revenge after his near-death experience. | Episode 135 Content Warning: Violence Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/the-mama-episode-sleep-stories-in-the-news/

Carnival Anger Dream

Dream Snippet

In an anonymous dream, the dreamer experiences a surreal and unsettling ordeal as their body begins to fragment and crumble, seemingly falling apart at the seams. Amidst the chaos of rearrangement and loss, a surprising solace emerges—finding solace and pleasure in the simple act of self-love within their morphed and ever-changing form. | Episode130 Content […]

Self Love Dream

Dream Types

Masie vividly recounts a recent dream, where a chilling vision unfolds before her eyes: the devil himself prowling the streets of her town, imposing his malevolent presence with a disturbing nonchalance. In a surreal twist, she observes the sinister figure seamlessly blending his nefarious deeds with the mundane routine of a morning jog, showcasing a […]

Jogging Bully Devil Dream

Dream Snippet

Kevin’s mind replays a chilling vision: a dream where he finds himself ensnared in a sinister government-run reality show. Each moment feels like a brush with death as contestants are ruthlessly culled through twisted games, leaving Kevin scrambling for survival amidst the chaos. His only goal: outlast the brutality long enough to claw his way […]

Government Game Dream

Dream Snippet

Janice unveils a compelling pregnancy dream on the podcast, vividly describing a scenario where she’s engrossed in cleaning her house when an enormous bee intrudes upon her home. Instinctively, she grabs a nearby broom to gently shoo it away. However, a disconcerting twist emerges as the insect reveals a human-like quality. In a moment fraught […]

Human Bee Dream

Dream Snippet

Mark’s relaxing camping trip with friends takes a surreal twist, reminiscent of a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode, when an unexpected pit stop catapults them to a mysterious desert homestead. Here, a routine walk to the ATM becomes a baffling challenge. Falsely accused of causing damages, Mark must keep his wits about him to prove his innocence, […]

Desert Twilight Zone Dream

Dream Snippet

Jon describes a haunting nightmare where, in a casual moment, a crucial part of his manhood accidentally breaks off. Amidst a panicked reaction, Jon swiftly shifts into action, gathering ice in a desperate attempt for reattachment, blending urgency with a surreal sense of distress. | Episode 90 Content Warning: Adult Content, Sexual Acts, Explicit Language Full […]

Runaway Penis Dream

Dream Snippet