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Nora recounts a startling dream: she’s in bed when suddenly, she feels a sharp bite. Panicking, she dashes around the room, frantically seeking aid and attempting to free herself from the clutches of the creature. To her shock, the assailant isn’t the squirrel she initially suspected, but an exotic pet belonging to her downstairs neighbor. […]

Neighbor’s Exotic Pet Dream

Dream Snippet

Megan recalls a childhood nightmare for the show where a seemingly innocent journey through the jungle morphs into a perilous adventure. The cherished storybook character, Curious George, takes a dark twist, launching a sinister assault and inflicting a grievous bite upon her. Can Megan navigate her way out of the wilds and reach the safety […]

Evil Curious George Dream

Dream Snippet

Kravis captivates the audience with a thrilling narrative on the podcast, recounting a dream where he assumes the role of the hero. In this dream sequence, he and his friends embark on a daring exploration of a mysterious cave, only to discover a nightmarish reality—the cavern is infested with spiders of varying shapes and sizes, […]

Spider Cave Dream

Dream Snippet