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Lakeland shares a mesmerizing dream on the podcast, one that transports us into a world where a renowned billionaire becomes entangled in a clandestine government endeavor known as the “Passion Project.” Initially shrouded in mystery and intrigue, the true nature of this initiative gradually unfurls, revealing a chilling reality: it is far from a labor […]

Secret Government Project Dream

Dream Snippet

Masie vividly recounts a recent dream, where a chilling vision unfolds before her eyes: the devil himself prowling the streets of her town, imposing his malevolent presence with a disturbing nonchalance. In a surreal twist, she observes the sinister figure seamlessly blending his nefarious deeds with the mundane routine of a morning jog, showcasing a […]

Jogging Bully Devil Dream

Dream Snippet

Riley unveils a haunting dream to Mindy and Brooke, a vivid nightmare so distressing that it abruptly halts her usual dreaming escapades. In this harrowing vision, Riley becomes ensnared in an ominous scenario where she is encircled by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves. The ferocious animals, driven by an insatiable hunger, mercilessly tear her apart. […]

Wolf Attack Dream

Dream Snippet