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Gloria recounts a shared dream to her captivated audience, vividly describing a tranquil afternoon spent with her mother, shattered by the abrupt arrival of an unwelcome visitor at their doorstep. Rather than succumbing to fear and fleeing, Gloria finds herself inexplicably drawn to this mysterious intruder. However, looming over her fascination is the ominous question: […]

Split-Level House Dream

Dream Snippet

Nicole sends an email to the podcast, regaling us with the comical tales of her late-night gab sessions with her sleep-talking boyfriend. In this nocturnal world of whimsy, the conversations range from the surreal—like cutting down imaginary trees—to the downright amusing, with responses to phantom feline phone calls. It leaves us charmed and entertained by […]

Cut Down Trees Sleep Talking Story

Dream Snippet

Hayden recounted a dream in which her curiosity unveiled a labyrinth of tunnels within her attic. As she maneuvered through the challenges in search of her crush, she faced an unexpected twist, ending up crushed by her own emotions. | Episode 96 Content Warning: Death Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/printer-exorcism-birthday-madlibs/

Snooping House Maze Dream

Dream Snippet