Bi, Bye, Buy | Peter Tripp and the DJ Wake-A-Thon War of 1959


“The marsupial was a plant.”

– Mindy –

Episode 99

Join Brooke, Mindy, and a whirlwind of whimsical dreamscapes in the latest episode of REMelations! Episode 99 takes you on a surreal journey through the depths of the subconscious, weaving together the fascinating dreamscape submitted by Abigail and the quirky cat naps of Brooke and Mindy.

Brooke kicks off this dreamy adventure by delving into Abigail’s enigmatic dream, where dark nights are adorned with golden coins and nighttime rainbows. Prepare to be mystified as Brooke unravels the hidden meanings behind this cryptic reverie.

But the dream fun is just the beginning! The episode takes an amusing twist as Mindy and Brooke engage in a whimsical exchange of cat naps, each more peculiar than the last. They dive into these brief, dreamlike scenarios, featuring talking animals, elusive animal cookies that seem impossible to find, innocent children trapped in mirrors, and even gun-toting frogs who have seen too much!

As the episode nears its conclusion, Mindy transports us back in time to the DJ Wake-A-Ton war of 1959, a legendary battle of the airwaves that shook the music industry to its core. Prepare to groove to the beats of history as she reveals the untold stories and rivalries that unfolded during this epic radio event.

Tune in to REMelations – Episode 99, where dreams, cat naps, and tales from the stories of music history collide in a fantastical and entertaining journey through the world of the mind. Don’t miss out on this whimsical blend of dream analysis and historical intrigue, guaranteed to leave you both enlightened and entertained!

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:04 – Quick Chat

00:02:34 – Abigail’s Nighttime Rainbow Dream

00:13:56 – Abigail’s Dream Interpretation

00:28:12 – Promo | Live Show

00:29:44 – Cat Naps Intro

00:30:04 – Black Bear Crackers Dream

00:35:05 – Arnold Schwarzenegger American Flag Dream

00:38:19 – Boy in the Mirror Dream

00:39:33 – Baby Penguin Dream

00:41:30 – NICU Premonition Dream

00:42:47 – Stingray Greeting Dream

00:44:45 – Weaponized Frog Dream

00:46:31 – Holding Hands Dream

00:48:11 –  Topic | Peter Tripp and the DJ Wake-A-Thon War of 1959

01:23:07 – Chit Chat

01:31:57 – Wrap-up

01:33:22 – End