Baby Barbie | Sleep Deprivation and the Selby Train Crash


“If you need a lot of leg room, you’re gonna get it on the wings.”

– Brooke –

Episode 105

In this episode of REMelations, the show takes a spooky turn as Brooke shares a chilling childhood nightmare dream from Lisa. In the dream, Lisa is perplexed by a blonde-haired toddler in a pink dress, but things take a sinister twist when the toddler develops an evil grin and starts chasing her. Armed only with a broom, Lisa must navigate this nightmarish scenario. Will she escape the clutches of the creepy toddler?

Later in the episode, Mindy and Brooke treat the audience to the fan-favorite “cat naps” segment. They delve into several intriguing dreams, including one about a random legal name change, a controversial new music festival app, and a set of imaginary rules concerning personalized writing utensils in Japan.

The show takes a serious turn as Mindy closes with a discussion on how sleep deprivation played a tragic role in the deadly 2001 Selby train crash. Episode 105 promises a mix of the bizarre, thought-provoking, and deeply moving stories, making it a must-listen for REMelations fans.

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Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:11 – Quick Chat

00:01:46 – Lisa’s Blood Thirsty Toddler Chase Dream

00:08:20 – Interpretation of Lisa’s Dream

00:12:40 – Promo | Support the Show

00:13:06 – Cat Nap Intro

00:13:39 – Name Change Dream

00:15:36 – Ash Cake Dream

00:19:21 – Personalized Japanese Pencil Dream

00:22:39 – Musical Festival Drug App (Content Warning: Mentions of Drugs / Addiction)

00:25:18 – Modern Family Flight Dream

00:26:05 – Hashtag – Ty Burrell

00:28:43 – Camp Crystal Lake Dream (Content Warning: Murder)

00:31:18 – Thank You

00:31:29 – Topic | Sleep Deprivation and the Selby Train Crash

01:00:43 – Chit Chat

01:08:04 – Wrap-up

01:09:40 – End