A Nailzilian Wax | Cuddle Sanctuaries for Coping with Nightmares


“Oh no, grandma’s got rabies!”

– Brooke –

Episode 117

Dive into the surreal as REMelations Episode 117 kicks off with G’s vivid dream, leading us on a quest for a deeper connection with our emotions. Join us as we navigate the strange landscapes of a feral exploding grandmother, a blood-red moon, and an aggressive werewolf, unraveling the layers of symbolism within.

Later, hosts Brooke and Mindy share quirky listener catnaps featuring dreams of tongue-stretching toilets, hot lava slides, snake playgrounds, nail pubes, and the comforting embrace of plants. The laughter and absurdity ensue as they delve into the bizarre and imaginative dreamscapes concocted by their audience.

In the second half, Brooke concludes her January self-care series by shedding light on the power of cuddle sanctuaries and touch therapy. Learn how these practices can aid individuals in dealing with trauma and nightmares. Get ready for an episode full of dream analysis, bizarre scenarios, and insights into the therapeutic world of touch.

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Show Links

Cuddle Sanctuary – Venice, CA – https://cuddlesanctuary.com/

Professional Cuddler – https://cuddlesanctuary.com/professional-cuddler/

Why Professional Cuddling is Booming Under Trump Allie Volpe – https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/why-professional-cuddling-is-booming-under-trump-253014/

Find Your Cuddler – https://cuddlist.com/ and https://www.cuddlecomfort.com/

Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:25 – Quick Chat

00:03:45 – G’s Exploding Grandma Dream (CW: Gore. Death)

00:14:36 – Interpretation of G’s Dream

00:20:56 – Promo | Dark Matters Podcast Festival

00:21:56 – Catnap Intro

00:22:26 – Toilet Tongue Dream

00:22:54 – #WhatDoesJohnTravoltaDream

00:26:34 – Faulty Escalator Dream

00;30:43 – A Reunion Dream

00:33:21 – Plant Hug Dream

00:36:49 – Elephant Cat Dream

00:39:20 – Playground Snakes Dream

00:40:58 – Two Roads Dream

00:46:28 – Nail Pubes Dream

00:49:08 – Thank Yous

00:49:22 – Topic | Cuddle Sanctuaries for Coping with Nightmares

01:05:23 – PodNews

01:06:05 – Chit Chat

01:12:57 – Wrap-Up

01:14:26 – End