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“Cheesecake is worth crying over.”

– Mindy –

Episode 95

Welcome back to REMelations! In Episode 95, we’re delving deep into the enigmatic world of dreams. Gina kicks off the night by recounting a dream where she finds herself interviewing nannies. But these aren’t your ordinary caregivers; we’re talking about yogi nannies.

Our listeners take the stage next with their captivating capnaps, where chewing gum turns into a sticky situation. And who could overlook the blob monster?  Also what does happen if you get home after the street lights come on? 

Meanwhile, we are also dreams featuring cheesecake take us to dessert-filled wonderlands, plus Brooke shares her dream of an endless aisle of school supplies. Finally, Mindy takes us on a wild ride through her dream of animatronic towns and extravagant airplanes with devious passengers. 

Mindy also shares the concept of sensory incorporation, illustrating how our five senses weave into our dreams. 

So, dear dreamers, join us for an episode that unwraps the layers of symbolism and subconscious messages within our nightly adventures. Get ready to unravel the mysteries of the mind in REMelations!

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Show Links

Lucidity Dream Mask – https://luciditydreammask.com

Sensory Incoporation in Dreams – https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/dream-factory/201409/sensory-incorporation-in-dreams

Louis Ferdnand Alfred Maury – https://dbpedia.org/page/Louis_Ferdinand_Alfred_Maury

Timestamps & Content Warnings

00:00:00 – Intro 

00:01:15 – Quick Chat

00:02:14 – Gina’s Naked Nanny Yoga Dream (CW: Nudity)

00:04:54 – Gina’s Dream Interpretation

00:06:36 – #WhatDoesDebbyRyanDream

00:14:45 – Stretchy Gum Dream

00:17:55 – Church Orgy Dream (CW: Sexual Content, Organized Religion)

00:18:53 – Home After Curfew Dream (CW: Child Harm / Death)

00:20:39 – High School Savior Dream (CW: Sexual Content)

00:21:55 – Cheesecake Dream

00:24:40 – School Supply Shopping Dream – Brooke Dream!

00:28:36 – Animatronic Chicken Dream – Mindy Dream!

00:45:42 – Thank You’s

00:46:04 – Topic | Sensory Incorporation into Dreams

01:00:24 – Pod News

01:01:11 – Chit Chat

01:07:11 – Wrap-Up

01:0:26 – End