Snacky Snack


“Those are the three things you need – a good bean dip, tequila, and a pinata. That’s a perfect party!”

Episode 17 | This week our two listeners’ dreams are incredibly fun as we dive into sci-fi and the paranormal.  First, we hear Tracey’s dream about squirrel brains and bean dip.  We also hear from Shelby about neighborhood parties and joy rides with ghosts.

We also chat about the topic of ‘Indigo’ children. Follow along and take the quiz with us to find out to see if you are an ‘Indigo’ child. 

Show Links: 

Chicago Tribune: New Age Believers Say ‘Indigo Children’ are Here:

The Ohio State University: Are you an Indigo Child Too:

The thought Catalog: 17 Signs You’re What’s Known as an Indigo Child:

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