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“That’s a guarantee?!… reasonably satisfy you?!” Episode 20 | It’s time for another listener-favorite dream episode! Mindy tells a dream that Grace recently had about grandmas, fender benders, and calling 911.  Joseph’s escalator TJ Maxx dream is also joyfully shared by Brooke.  Mindy also shares a story of the timeless sleepover favorite – the history […]

Reasonably Satisfied

March 17, 2022

911, Accident, Car, Dad, Escalator, Grandmother, Phone Call, Sister, TJ Maxx

“I’d normally be sympathetic to you but you have tried to bite me in my Barbie Jeep.” Episode 13 | This episode is brought to you from the minds of an anonymous listener who shares a heavy nightmare of a dream about missing laundry and babies, as well as Shannon from Peosta who shares a […]

What Does the Fox Say

January 27, 2022

Barbie, Bottom, Childhood Home, College, Couch, Daughter, Fox, Garden, Home, Jeep, Kidnapping, Laundry, Mobile Home, Neighbor, Race Track, Shopping Center, Sister, Truck, Video Game