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“My feet can touch his feet, that’s okay. His feet can touch my calf, also okay. But if his feet go up to my thigh, I’ve got a problem with that.” Episode 10 | This episode is brought to you from the mind of Karyl from La Grange, IL. Karyl had a reoccurring dream as […]

Fish Foot Massage

January 6, 2022

Blood, Childhood Home, Coin, Cross, Desk, Feet, Fish, Garlic, Massage, Picture, Recurring, School, Uncle, Vampire, Wedding

“Oh my GOD… did she have wings?” Episode – 6 This episode dives into the mind of Mindy herself as she shares her dream about sketchy neighborhoods, matchy-matchy actors, and celebrating Brooke’s birthday with a special cake. Stay tuned until the end of the episode as we discuss how going home for the holiday may […]

Doritos Cake

December 9, 2021

3, Bad Neighborhood, Birthday, Blue, Brown, Cake, Car, Chair, Doritos, Movie Set, Painting, Random Guy, Resort, School, Shelf, Staircase