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Phone Call

“That’s a guarantee?!… reasonably satisfy you?!” Episode 20 | It’s time for another listener-favorite dream episode! Mindy tells a dream that Grace recently had about grandmas, fender benders, and calling 911.  Joseph’s escalator TJ Maxx dream is also joyfully shared by Brooke.  Mindy also shares a story of the timeless sleepover favorite – the history […]

Reasonably Satisfied

March 17, 2022

911, Accident, Car, Dad, Escalator, Grandmother, Phone Call, Sister, TJ Maxx

 “Oh, here we go again. Who the Hell is Maggie?” Episode 19 | It’s another listener-packed dream episode! Brooke shares a dream story from Allie about childhood sleepwalking and a recurring dream about folding chairs. Mindy also shares a listener’s dream from Kathleen about a birthday party and suspicious phone connection issues.   Have a […]

Who the Hell Is Maggie

March 10, 2022

Birthday, Ceiling, Chair, Folding Chair, Phone, Phone Call, Sleepwalk