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“The Mod!!! That does sound TERRIBLE!” Episode 12 | It’s another wack-a-do dream as Mindy shares a recent nightmare that involved being married to the mob and a car crash in a graveyard. This movie-like dream sent Mindy into such a panic when she woke up, she had to make sure her husband Marc was […]

Married to the Mod

January 20, 2022

Award, Bush, Car, Crash, Hand, Home, Newscast, Nightmare, Red, Spouse, TV, Wound

“Just think, you could have had a piece of chocolate made by Jeffery Dahmer at some point in your life.” Episode 11 | This episode is brought to you from the mind of Kelly from Dubuque, IA. Kelly had a light-hearted fun dream about a fun time at the casino and printing money. We also […]

Roulette Rodeo

January 13, 2022

4, ATM, Bizarre, Brother-in-Law, Cage, Casino, Jungle, Lion, Money, Nightmare, Roulette, Tiger

“You know when I think of fashion… I think of Boston!” Episode 9 | This episode is brought to you from the mind of our host Mindy when she shares a dream about being chased by a serial killer. Brooke & Mindy also discuss the first-ever recording sleepwalking murder defense as well as the trending […]

Umbrella Serial Killer

December 31, 2021

Blood, Concert, Handcuffs, Kidnapping, Murder, Murderer, Nightmare, Tourture, Umbrella