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Amanda recounts a dream where she unexpectedly finds herself in an arranged marriage with a daughter she doesn’t remember having. Amidst dark times of war, as one husband departs, another emerges to comfort and protect her, even though she finds him unsettling, it is nice to receive unexpected support in challenging circumstances. | Episode 141 […]

Arranged Marriage Dream

Dream Snippet

Reta shares a dream where a lunchtime shopping trip turns stressful as she worries about what people at the mall think of her shoes. To her horror, her shoes begin to disintegrate before everyone’s eyes, leaving her with chunky, hole-filled boots embarrassingly attached to her feet. | Episode 141 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/albany-canada-lake-laniers-dreadful-history/

Chunky Boots Dream

Dream Snippet

An anonymously shared dream describes becoming lucid in a sterile, modern world, where the dreamer is informed of strict rules they must follow while dreaming. The surreal experience highlights the constraints and peculiarities of this otherworldly realm. | Episode 141 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/albany-canada-lake-laniers-dreadful-history/

Dream Rules Dream

Dream Snippet

Isabella shares a dream about her graduation commencement, where a haunting voice and an eerie presence make an unsettling appearance. As she poses for her commencement photos, the presence twirls beside her, creating a surreal and disturbing experience that leaves a lasting impression on her graduation day memory. | Episode 141 Full Episode Link – […]

Graduation Attachment Dream

Dream Snippet

Leslie shares with the podcast a recurring dream theme where many of her dreams come true. From small, mundane events like dorm moves to more significant occurrences, her experiences make us wonder if she possesses untapped, powerful abilities. | Episode 141 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/albany-canada-lake-laniers-dreadful-history/

Dorm Premonition Dream

Episode Dream Category

Noah recounts a dream where he finds himself trapped in an elevator, desperately trying to go up while all the other passengers insist on going down. Despite his efforts, the elevator plummets downward, descending too fast for his comfort, filling him with a sense of fear and helplessness. | Episode 141 Full Episode Link – […]

Crashing Elevator Dream

Dream Snippet

Bec submits a dream to the podcast that begins with an innocent family game night. However, the evening takes a dark turn when a strange and unwelcome figure from her torturous past appears as her game partner, filling her with a sense of dread and unease. The familiar comfort of family is overshadowed by the […]

Family Game Night Dream

Dream Snippet

Hans shares his desperate need to understand his recurring bathroom dream. In this unsettling scenario, he’s constantly thwarted by elusive bathrooms—either they’re missing doors, impossible to find, or even occupied by crocodiles. No matter what, something always prevents Hans from taking care of his business. | Episode 140 Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/distracted-and-attracted-are-alien-abductions-just-lucid-dreams/

Recurring Bathroom Dream

Dream Snippet

Francesca recounts a dream where a road trip with her son takes a terrifying turn. After a routine police roadblock, chaos ensues as she desperately tries to remove a snake from her moving car. The fear and urgency of the situation make it a nightmare she can’t forget. | Episode 140 Content Warning: Death Full […]

Cop Impersonator Dream

Dream Snippet

In Callie’s dream, she finds herself in an unfamiliar house with unfamiliar siblings. As one of a set of identical sextuplets, she should feel a sense of belonging, but instead, she feels out of place. She doesn’t recognize any of them, and despite being identical sextuplets, she looks nothing like her supposed siblings. | Episode […]

Sextuplet Dream

Dream Snippet

Chloe reveals a dream where she meets an attractive, tall, tan guy with a sports car, only to find that he’s not what he seems. The encounter takes a dark turn when he suddenly informs her of her impending and immediate death. | Episode 140 Content Warning: Death Full Episode Link – https://remelations.com/distracted-and-attracted-are-alien-abductions-just-lucid-dreams/

Backseat Slasher Dream

Dream Snippet

Naomi submits a dream to the REMelations podcast where ‘Ghost Adventures’ host Zak Bagans pleads for her help with a new paranormal investigation. The eerie adventure starts in her high school gym but soon leads them deep into the woods. There, Zak becomes possessed by malevolent entities, leaving Naomi as his only hope for salvation. […]

Zak Bagans Possession Dream

Dream Snippet