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“The Mod!!! That does sound TERRIBLE!” Episode 12 | It’s another wack-a-do dream as Mindy shares a recent nightmare that involved being married to the mob and a car crash in a graveyard. This movie-like dream sent Mindy into such a panic when she woke up, she had to make sure her husband Marc was […]

Married to the Mod

January 20, 2022

Award, Bush, Car, Crash, Hand, Home, Newscast, Nightmare, Red, Spouse, TV, Wound

“Tell me who your breeder is, I need a tiny giraffe ASAP!” Episode – 2 This episode is brought to you from the mind of Meghan in Wilmington, DE.  This week, Mindy and Brooke dive into Megan’s dream world of tiny giraffes, tiny forks, and car crashes.  Stay tuned for next week, when Mindy shares one of […]

Mini Giraffes and Tiny Forks

November 17, 2021

Aunt, Best Friend, Break, Cage, Car, Child, Co-Worker, Coffee Cup, Computer, Cousin, Crash, Crying, Disability, Dollar Store, Door, Fork, Giraffe, Guitar, Highway, Karaoke, Mom, Phone, Placemat, Screen, Shopping, Student Loan, Upstairs, Water Bottle, Woods