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“Havin’ a bad day…? Mercury Retrograde. Late for work…? Sorry, Mercurcy is in Retrograde.” Episode 28 |  This week we’re diving into two fun listeners’ dreams.  Ram shares a jam-packed celebrity wack a doo dream taking place in a courtroom.  Along with Michelle’s freaky weather dream into the void!  Feeling a little off this week?  […]

Blame It on Mercury Retrograde

May 12, 2022

Attorney, Boulders, Celebrity, Charlie Puth, Court, Field, Fireplace, Husband, Judge, Jury, Kiefer Sutherland, Microburst, Niecy Nash, Not Guilty, Resale Shop, Song, Stolen Goods, Storm, Tornado, Truck, Verdict, Void, Weather

“Sorry I don’t have any photos from your wedding, I got robbed on a cable car that crashed three times.” Episode – 3 This episode dives into the mind of Mindy herself as she shares her dream about Fireball shots at a job interview at The Office, robbery, and cable cars. Stay tuned until the […]

Crazy Day at The Office

November 19, 2021

Alastor Moody, Angela Kinsey, Cable Car, Camera, Cash, Celebrity, Cop, Creed Bratton, Elevator, Fireball Whiskey, Golf, Golf Ball, Golf Course, Harry Potter, Interview, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Kate Flannery, Lake, Phone, Podcast, Rainn Wilson, Ring Around The Rosey, Robber, Robbery, SD Card, Shooter, Soup, Sprinkler, Steve Carell, The Office, White, Work