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“My feet can touch his feet, that’s okay. His feet can touch my calf, also okay. But if his feet go up to my thigh, I’ve got a problem with that.” Episode 10 | This episode is brought to you from the mind of Karyl from La Grange, IL. Karyl had a reoccurring dream as […]

Fish Foot Massage

January 6, 2022

Blood, Childhood Home, Coin, Cross, Desk, Feet, Fish, Garlic, Massage, Picture, Recurring, School, Uncle, Vampire, Wedding

“You know when I think of fashion… I think of Boston!” Episode 9 | This episode is brought to you from the mind of our host Mindy when she shares a dream about being chased by a serial killer. Brooke & Mindy also discuss the first-ever recording sleepwalking murder defense as well as the trending […]

Umbrella Serial Killer

December 31, 2021

Blood, Concert, Handcuffs, Kidnapping, Murder, Murderer, Nightmare, Tourture, Umbrella

I would spend $750 on like an Elton John concert. I don’t think Barry Manilow has the pull for that kind of Quan. Episode 7 | This episode is brought to you from the minds of Valerie from Montgomery, IL, and Evelyn from Oxnard, CA. This week, Mindy Brooke dive into Valerie’s dream about a […]

Barry Manilow Live From Grandma’s Basement

December 16, 2021

Basement, Blood, Blue, Book, Carnival, Grandparent's Home, Hide and Seek, Library, Mom, Recurring, Shoe, Staircase, Toy, Truck

“Unless a spitting cobra spits directly in your mouth, there are no poisonous snakes!” Episode 4 | This episode is brought to you from the minds of Indi from Iowa and Kelly from Dubuque.  This week, Mindy and Brooke dive into Indi’s dream about snakes, drinking blood, and diarrhea and Kelly’s dream about pineapple fanny packs and […]

Fanny Pack Shandys

November 25, 2021

Bachelorette Party, Baggage Claim, Beer, Bike, Bite, Black Hole, Blood, Booze, Children, Diarrhea, Drug Store, Fanny Pack, Luggage, Pineapple, Saliva, Shandy, Ski Lift, Snake, Spiral, Vaccine, Venomous, Wedding Dress