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“I should have just stole it, you know my infinity for stealing barware.” Episode 24 | Mindy shares a dream about everyone’s favorite therapy… retail therapy! The duo also shares listeners’ cat nap dream stories!  And be sure to stick around for Brooke’s trip report from the Maldives and how she almost didn’t make it […]

Put It on the Bar Cart

April 14, 2022

Air Fryer, Bar, Bartender, Cart, Champagne, Department Store, Dishwasher, Escalator, Glassware, Gymnastics, Mat, Red, Restaurant, Sales Person, Weights

“Don’t let your husband hang out with Luscious Sherry, it’s not a good idea, it’s bad news!” Episode 22 | Brooke shares a dream story from Julien from Earth about living in an airport and patriotic bikini-clad women.  Mindy also shares a touching listener’s dream from Xana about elephants, a possible wedding proposal, and relatives […]

Luscious Sherry

March 31, 2022

3, Airport, Bar, Bathing Suit, Blue, Boyfriend, Breasts, Bush, Cape, Crying, Dance, Diamond, Dream, Elephant, Elevator, Father in Law, Garden, Glass, Grandfather, Grandmother, Home, Letters, Love, Mask, Necklace, Pearls, Pub, Random Woman, Speech, Table, Wall

“Yea, there’s grease and stuff… oooh – that could take off a nipple!” Episode 16 We are so excited to share a new REMelations first as this episode is brought to you from the minds of our first two male listeners, Michael and Robert.  Michael shares a dream about a Chinese Buffett, Catwoman, and shrimp, […]

Strip Club Benihana

February 17, 2022

1, Bar, Break, Breasts, Buffet, Bullet, Bunny, Chinese, Keychain, Money, Motorcycle Club, Shrimp